THROUGH MY EYES… On this last page of my web, I’m gonna share some of the spontaneous photos I took recently from my phone. There are thousands of more images to be put in there. I shall call it:


The world is a safe place. We are supported by the universe as we are supported by each other. I disagree that there are bad people in the world, because I believe everything depends on the circumstances and how much love there is in everyone’s heart.  I learned that Surrender is very challenging and it is at the heart of the spiritual practice, miracles can happen… and that detachment of everything that you have and think you are is also very important but of course, it depends on individuals spiritual journey.  Saying that so I take the road, the sky, and the seas with my heart open to the world.

Travelling warms my soul in such a way that I’ll never be tired to take the road. It is a way of living, expanding, rethinking, and recreating an encounter with the unknown and other souls. 

–This is a work in progress each photo with poem and story and reflection —