My practice spans, embodiment, visual storytelling, sensory, nature, and anthropology.

I really love to work with the elements of nature, food, earth, water, sounds everything that nature has to give to us. When I was a child I wanted to be a marine biologist and after working with politics to change the world and after my dream was to study natural medicine at the same time I really wanted to be an Anthropologist hahaha so many things… I’m so glad that suddenly I am a Performer and I can do and be close to all that I love and wanted to be somehow in my work. 

In the Heart of the Roots

A ritualistic and sensorial performance about woman’s liberation. Where woman and tree are not separated and the meaning of many things in our lives are in the roots. A walk through the labyrinth of our minds towards the ancestor’s roots, deep in the heart of our subconscious with nature. So dance with the tree in honor of The Tree of life! 

Venice- Italy 2020

A poem inspired  by the performance created by my brother Lantern Carrier

Pṛthvī Mātā, (Mother Earth). A Dedication to Renata
Pṛthvī Mātā, ancient bearer of life, come!
You who endure my shortcomings, with
Childlike humility; forgive again and again,
My angry mist of shadows, come!
Your Light dances, emanating a verdure with
Outstretched hands. Come! Bring me your vibrant oceans; your nourishing fruits. Kissed by the fire of the
Radiant sun, you bend with meekness, offering sustenance to all.
Come! In you I see my Flute; I am your music;
In you my Singer, for I am Her song.
Tasting your sugarcane; yet slow to become sweet,
How I long for a pilgrimage, in the realm of the immortals.
Sweet Gaia Mata, will you accept my tears on bended
Knees? I wish to applaud with creation, epitomising your
Cosmic charm. Trampling on your verdant shine, I dined;
Yet Love – at every moment – remains unparallel and eternal.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 25th April, 2020.

Latmus Short Sensorial Film

The short film evokes the atmosphere of the place, a dream-like state in the mystical world of Mellona a woman village who lives in the Agean Sea by the Bafa Lack. This short film was an experiment on memories of my past life and honor for my ancestors in this beautiful lake close to my actual family places in Turkey.  

Viva Constantinople! I love Turkey! 


Anatolia Peninsula- Turkey 2016

Afternoon – Performance

This performance was my way of saying thank you to my  family that worked in the sugar cane field and so many still working in slavery conditions nowadays and we have the sugar in our tables but we forget where it comes from. A spoon of sugar and a spoon of blood and still a lot poem in there.

  The performance is placed at the center of this piece as a carrier of multiple meanings and the choice of a big knife with which to hack cane this knife cuts through. This knife starts a story. This knife knows a story or two. This knife is my memory. Softer skills, spreading, kneeling, speaking — the hard and soft (rain and the grit of coffee) evoke dualities that the work to speak of. The Sugar Cane woman.
The piece feels much more spiritually grounded, in a large sense its manipulation of materials, how a variety of materials, tools, and skills are brought into play. Connections between ground eat, home, femininity, sensuality and well colonization, and colonialism experience. A memory of beauty, power, and sweetness.

London 2017