Feeling, and flowing with what we feel ...

Hi! My name is Renata and it is a pleasure to meet you. I’m from Brazil and my favorite song is the African disco track ‘Free my People’, and I want to present as sarara creola, indigena, saltwater is sweet, whipped up by the high wind. My long career in theatre has given me enough experience to be an actress for educational and experimental theatre and I have worked on marvelous films that received nominations at the Cannes and Berlin film festivals, but all the while, I wanted to discover my own way of doing things, which is how I found in Performance Arts, and my Theatre Practice called Butterfly Theatre the Theatre of Transformations and Intuition where I could be inspired by nature, people, places, dreams, and cultures. I’m also a nature photographer and a cheese lover. Here I’m going to share with you when I do things from my soul.   


I'm offering individual classes about Feminine Creative.

Hi beautiful, souls I'am really excitated to inspire, help you express your true creative nature .I'll be sharing my experience and knowledge and toghether we will investigate our wild side. Only women for now! haha...
Let's dive deep together!

Let the water flow... To be feminine and creative is to align yourself with God's plan.

My Inspiration for this work comes from the felling of; We are here to be the embodiment of loving consciousness, to be fearless, to be free, determinate enactors of wisdom. We are here to inform and be informed to educate to rebel, to help and to refuse to speak up to make waves and to honour our ancestors the nature and the light and our femininity! Renata Novaes
  • What others say about attending my classes:

The butterfly workshop was a great experience and very enlightening. Renata is such a great personality, with a high sense of empathy to build a rapid connection with the participants. The theatre  helps to bring calmness into your mind and to connect with your inner self, it helps to bring out blocked energy chakras and let go of unwanted feelings. The workshops allowed me to connect back to my feminine self and express myself in this way. Another highlight for me was to connect with the nature elements, which most of us don’t pay attention to during our routine life. Connecting with each of the elements brings out different emotions in a positive way. I’ve connected with nature again. I also felt a great sense of igniting my creative side, as we were writing & painting our thoughts and feelings. after that experience, I discovered myself as an Artist also. I can only recommend the butterfly workshop for everyone who wants to connect let go, feel free and create. – Fatima Dubai 
I had a unique experience your music, dance, and emotions make my mind empty full of
feelings memories, and emotions. It was unique, M Grecce
 Life is an adventure. 
A journey is full of twists and turns. 
Each person has had their fair share of experiences that have shaped and continue to shape their paths, and mine is no exception.
Taking my first soulful class with Renata was a life-changing experience. 
This class was designed to connect people to their inner core, the essence of who they are, and it succeeded. 
The session was a powerful and energetic combination of rhythmic dances, deeper connections with other participants, and soul searching. 
I found myself mentally breaking down barriers I didn’t know existed while feeling liberated and at peace after connecting with the forces of nature. Ma- Ghana
I felt so good and got many insights that moved me for my self-knowledge listening to what nature has to teach me. Nara London